Tomb Raider: GOTY for only $6? Why yes, why not.

Our time's infamous heroine, Lara Croft, is back to steal your hearts--and attention. Tomb Raider has been praised by many for its diverse gameplay, forcing the player into survival, suspenseful stealth missions, and exploration of the mysterious island. This game is practically a steal at this price!

You'll be asking yourself that and a bunch of others questions as you prepare to build your city however way you want it. You want to build a restaurant right next to the ebola research facility? Go for it. What about building a shooting range inside the Young Christian Church? No problem. A strip club right besides the White House? You betcha!

Grab the best version of SimCity and build to your hearts content.  Read more >>
All you youngsters gather around the feet of Uncle Joel and let me tell you a little something about the Playstation. No, not the Playstation 3. No, not 'bout the PS4 either. I'm talking about the one and only original Playstation 1. Yessiree, even before current gen or next gen became household words, we were gaming on the PS1 or PSx as the geeks would call it. Read More 
Good Old Games (GOG) is kicking off their Holiday sales with a bunch of DRM Free Games. Take advantage of the 48 hour frost flash frenzy which includes saving of up to 75% - 85% on select titles!
Take advantage of the deals as they normally don't last too long. Read more here >>
Who didn't see this coming from the Aussies? When your only major export is Olivia Newton John and the Bee Gees, you know your country might be a little soft. The moniker of Australia being the 'Land Down Under' is absolutely true .. since it most likely has no balls under that pansy skirt it wears. This, plus the fact that the Australians have tried to ban the GTA series in the past only gives rise to how overly sensitive they are. Instead of Aussies, they should be really called Paussies ... get it? Read more here >>
GameStop, Inc.
Back in the day if you wanted to know what was going on in the gaming industry, all you had to do was walk into any one of those specialty gaming stores like Gamestop, Babbages, Electronic Boutique among others and talk with the guys working there. Now, it simply feels like Gamestop is the last remaining dinosaur in the age of digital distribution. Still, they seem to pump out deals every so often; including having Borderlands 2 for sale for just $2.99. If you haven't tried BL2 I highly recommend you get in at this price. Read more >>
Almost 500 walkers have been put to final rest since the beginning of season 2. Now, the 5th season is over and Rick and the group have managed to survive another zombie apocalypse by doing what they do best - taking no prisoners and kicking zombie butt! I took down notes and had a couple of takeaways and impressions from the mid-season finale. Read more here ....
Gamersgate is the first one out of the gates with their annual Holiday sale post Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday Deals. While the games on sale are a few years old; some games like, Tomb Raider and Grid 2 are well worth the purchase price of $5 just to be able to add them to your gaming library. In addition, if you have little nieces or nephews that are starting to get into gaming (PC) then these are titles worth introducing them to. And at those prices, you wont put too much hurt on your wallet either!. Read more here ...
Watching the video reminded me of my younger years when we would cruise around the back alleys of downtown Los Angeles looking for fine young thangs in skirts. Unfortunately, most of the thangs we encountered were toothless crack whores who had some really nasty purple rashes on their boobs. It's probably best (and safer) to watch this from the comfort of your home instead.
Not content with just taking over the gaming digital distribution world, Steam is now focused on making sure you not only play games, but have the environment to showcase them on. 

As reported in PC Gamer,  The integration of Steam Broadcasting into the widely-used Steam client will, in theory at least, greatly simplify the process of livestreaming games. Read more here ...

    ELECTRONIC ARTS, INC. (Origin Store)

    ELECTRONIC ARTS, INC. (Origin Store)